Friday, April 22, 2011

Trump: The Candidate We Deserve?

I once lamented that every era gets the Sex and the City it deserves — assuming that eras now last three or four years (hey, things move quickly now, and until that time no more so than between 2004, when the HBO show ended, and 2008, when the movie came around). The praise-worthy TV series, which showed true emotional insight and sophisticated humor, spawned a movie that was basically two-and-a-half-hours of label lust and conspicuous consumption. In other words, it was just about right for pre-recession America. Too bad the movie came out just as things in this country were headed for ruin.

Speaking of headed for ruin, Donald Trump is supposedly running for president. So, if we deserved Sarah Palin in 2008, is this how low we've sunk now? From a lying, know-nothing candidate for vice president who used that platform to turn her life into a reality show and make millions from speaking gigs, we now have a smug reality show host who's been lying about his millions for years. Not only has Trump been shown time and again to exaggerate his business successes (he has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times in the past 20 years), the basis of his platform for president has been the bogus "birther" controversy, which even wingnut Michelle Bachmann has evidently disavowed.

I have no real problem with Trump as an entertainer. I don't personally find him very entertaining. But a presidential candidate?! And if this is all just a publicity stunt for his TV show, I suppose it won't be the first time someone has abused the political process for his (or her) personal gain. But doesn't America deserve better?

Read Timothy Egan's on-the-money New York Times Op-Ed about Trump, Charlie Sheen and Silvio Berlusconi.

UPDATE: Jerry Seinfeld has "respectfully" backed out of a commitment to perform for the Eric Trump Foundation, benefiting St. Jude's Children's Hospital, citing Eric's father Donald's pushing of the birther issue. The elder Trump's response is, as usual, not respectful. He uses it as an opportunity to slam Seinfeld, saying that he went on the comedian's TV show The Marriage Ref despite the fact that the show was "absolutely terrible."
In other words, by not handling this gracefully Trump is once again showing himself to NOT be a mensch.
Read the CNN story here.


  1. I wish we deserved better but we don't. I am seriously thinking of voting for him just to run this ship aground a little faster. This slow pace of ruin is torture.

  2. America does deserve better. The world deserves better. Imagine a job description for being president and then consider whether Donald Trump fits it in any way at all. He's got $, platform, ambition. Is that enough? I sure hope not.

  3. And at the end of the day, no matter how many self-aggrandizing lies Trump tells or tantrums he throws, President Obama will remain African-American. Trump's money or name can't change that and it seems to be eating him inside out like a tapeworm.

  4. Going out on a limb here but the Donald is not going to happen in any way as a Presidential candidate. As an outsider, trust me. And yes, America does deserve better. Mitt has the money, and more, and look how far that took him in 08, and he's coming back for more!